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Senior musician role available – Closes 18th May 2018

Ongoing musician recruitment

We love that you are real authentic working musicians. We want to help you realise the potential that we know you have as musicians to make massive differences in people’s lives. We don’t care if you’re self-taught and can’t read music, what we care about is if you are passionate about music, know your stuff and want to help people.

You will deliver one to one music sessions with people often facing major challenges. These may include those who have mental health, educational challenges, be young people in care, non-mainstream education, NEET or involved with the criminal justice system. You’ll be making whatever they want so a flexible approach is essential, backed up with the know how to making participants successful quickly. We are musicians not social workers, therapists or care coordinators, they have enough of those already. We’re here to engage by creating music having fun and sharing success. Have a look below and see if you think this sounds like you – then get in touch



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