Our Approach

A better way to support individuals that need it most

We believe people should be seen as individuals and not problems. We work with every individual to ensure that we improve their lives and encourage positive change.

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We apply key principles of Self Determination Theory
Feel in Control
Musicians support each participant to choose the music they want to make, how they want to make it and who they want to share it with.
Feel good at something
People often feel music is complicated to make. We enable participants to experience feelings of success creating their music, quickly.
Feel connected
Each persons stream projects that success, in a way that encourages positive feedback from the people they care about. This allows the participant to feel 'seen'.

Behind the music

Self Determination Theory gives us an evidenced way to transform how individuals see themselves and their world.

Our Programmes

What's involved?

We pair a participant with a professional music producer over the course of 20 hours. We provide an encouraging environment to learn new skills and create the music the participant wants to listen to, whatever the genre.

Participants can safely share session highlights to their MyStream feed - a private online space - and invite friends and family to leave their feedback. This fosters engagement and creates a supportive digital community, which celebrates success and, in doing so, increases protective factors.

What's involved?

Small groups of participants (up to 6) meet face-to-face or online for a 6-week course of collaborative music making with a professional musician. Each 90-minute session will help participants learn new musical skills, learn how to collaborate on tracks and build relationships with each other.

Our flexibility, sophisticated digital delivery, friendly and creative musicians, and pioneering, industry-recognised experience make us unique and impactful in the services we offer.

What's included

20 hours
Contact time with a professional musician or music producer
Full access
To professional music software, either in person, or on your own machine
Story feed
A private space to share your sessions with family and friends
Arts awards
Delivery and moderation if desired
Session reports
Emailed directly to the referring professionals safely and securely
Studio sessions
1o hours local studio hire for the final five sessions

How much does it cost?

£100 /hour
  • Minimum 20 hours
  • Online, face-to-face or a blend of both
  • At school, at home or in a local recording studio (for ten hours, additional studio time can be included at additional cost)
All of our programmes come with the following absolutely free
access to thousands of industry standard loops and samples.
Worth £72 a year
Rotor video
professional music videos using your own footage or choose from thousands of stock images and videos.
Worth over £100 commercially
Yumu Studio
your very own Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) where you can put together your own tracks directly in your browser.
Worth £120/year