Our Impact

Numbers matter, but we never lose sight of the genuine stories of transformation

We know our approach is effective in improving well-being and motivation. But behind each set of data is a young person, their family and their support network.

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A few stats
The savings return for families and services (with 190% ‘in the first year’)
For every £1 spent = £3.34 is saved by ‘The System’
reduction in low levels of wellbeing reported by participants.

The story behind the numbers

We strive to transform how individuals see themselves and their world, through autonomy, competence and relatedness.

Our annual Impact Report

If you are interested to read more about both the quantitative (number) and qualitative (story) aspects of our impact work there is an in-depth review in our annual impact report.

Feel free to give it a good read, and share it with colleagues.

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