Noise Solution

Welcome to Noise Solution

We are a social enterprise using music and technology with people who are disengaged from the mainstream through problems such as mental health, addiction, offending, challenging behaviour or chaotic lifestyles.

Our programmes work on a one to one basis with the hardest to reach learners and the key outcome is increased confidence as well as re-engagement with professional or education services and, potentially, progression to other appropriate opportunities. Clients learn the skills that they need to create music they view as relevant to them – it could be grime, dubstep, trance, hip hop or any other genre. Many clients undertake Arts Awards which are meaningful qualifications which can be used to build up credits towards a college place.

Noise Solution uses cutting edge music technology and has an absolute focus on excellence in provision. As a result we have consistently impressive results with clients for whom there are often few choices left. There’s more information on the website and you are very welcome to get in touch to find out more.

Simon Glenister – Director of Noise Solution