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Noise Solution is a social enterprise pairing professional musicians with people in challenging circumstances. Often delivered as outreach in peoples own homes, we build confidence, self belief and aspirations through one to one music mentoring. We specialise in finding creative ways to overcome traditional barriers to music creation, whether using cutting edge technology to create the latest electronic music genre or unlocking the piano in an hour using innovative shapes based techniques. All of which is possible irrespective of people’s previous level of musical experience.

During sessions we capture participants reaction to the process through blogging, using video reflections, photos, quotes and of course the music. The blogs are central to the model. The blog is shared, via email and directly involves those important to the participant. Family, allies and professionals contribute their comments and reflections of the process co-creating a successful ‘digital narrative’ of progression and change.

Solution focussed, the blog provides a positive resource that can be used by participants, family and professionals to build communication between each other, whilst also hosting evidence for nationally recognised qualifications and at the same time reflecting success and building resilience and confidence in the participant.

Simon Glenister – Director of Noise Solution

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