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We pair music producers with participants facing challenging circumstances. Specialists at engaging people by making them feel successful at creating the music they value, we capture and share with participant’s family and key-workers their successes in sessions using a ‘digital story’ that everyone invited can engage with. It is this quick mastery of a skill, combined with the easy and targeted sharing of success with the people whose opinions really matter to them that is allowing participants to reinvent themselves in a positive light.

An independent, cabinet office funded report recently found Noise Solution to be ‘Statistically Significant’ (see our evidence section) in impacting on the well-being of the people we work with. Well-being increases are well proven to have impacts on health, engagement and educational outcomes. Something that we at Noise Solution can readily demonstrate.

Sometimes, rather than trying the same thing over & over, a different approach is required. Time after time parents, professionals and participants tell us that we act as a catalyst for positive change.

Simon Glenister – Director of Noise Solution

Practitioners and Participants

Whether You Are an Interested Professional

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Or a Potential Participant

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Practitioners and Participants

Whether You Are an Interested Professional...

Or a Potential Participant...

“You really can see a difference in these young people. They can come into the service being quite insular, but by the end of the project have grown in confidence and self-esteem. The feedback we’ve had from schools, families and the young people themselves has also been great, as they can’t believe the difference they are seeing.”

(Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust, 2015)

What Noise Solution and Noise Solution Graduates Have Achieved


You Can See Some Examples of Our Success Stories Here:

View Some Case Studies Here

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At the centre of our work is the digital narrative, capturing and driving change

Slide through the steps of the 10 week intervention below.

Explore one of our participants blogs by clicking on the image below

Our use of social media sharing participant’s success in a safe targeted way, is integral to the way Noise Solution works. Click on the image to the left to see an example of family, school and professional’s engaged in co-creating a digital story to great effect. Included in the digital story are examples of our impact measurement feedback for professionals.

Evidence for our approach

In February 2016, Noise Solution was awarded funding from the Cabinet Office’s Impact Readiness Fund to work with The Social Investment Consultancy to measure our social impact. The result of this was a robust, evidenced impact report which shows Noise Solution has serious impact with the young people we work with. This hugely exciting news means we can demonstrate that our results are not influenced by anything other than the model itself. You can read the entire report by clicking the image to the right. Or download it below.

Download Report

You can view the report by clicking the image above
You can view the report by clicking the image above

“She came to you four years ago, she was in a bad dark place in her life, she was suffering from mental illness, and dealing with grief. Music was the only answer to release the anger, of the grief she was suffering when her father died. If it wasn’t for you and Noise Solution she wouldn’t be the talented artist she is today . I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time you gave to her, for the patience, support and advice.”

Participants mum


Why it Works

Noise Solution is different to a lot of intervention programs and not just because of the medium it uses. We believe the following factors contribute to the impact we make:

  • Music is a fantastic, non-threatening way of starting a dialogue, as it is something people are passionate about.
  • We work through the strengths they already have, not the ‘problems’ they have experienced.
  • Tangible mastery of a skill relatively quickly leads to a genuine increase in confidence.
  • Positive reinforcement from those who are important to the individual builds confidence further.
  • Tutors are musicians rather than teachers or agency staff etc. so can forge an un-hierarchical relationship.
  • Our approach is flexible and the sessions are guided by the client, leading to increased ownership by the individual.
  • The flexibility of our approach enables us to engage with isolated people in their own home.
  • Our sessions can deliver meaningful qualifications in the form of Arts Awards, part of the government certification framework.

“I would like to thank you and Ben for the amazing work that you have been doing with him over the past few weeks. He has not been in education provision for the last two years prior to coming to the home and thanks to the work/support that Noise Solution has put in with him it has given him self-esteem and the confidence to get him back attending mainstream school. This is now the second time that you have worked and supported our children and both have benefited so much from your provision and I am sure that I am speaking for all the staff here.”

Jason McMaster
Residential Childcare Worker

About Us

The Team

Noise Solution tutors are musicians first and foremost. Our tutors are musical mentors not music therapists; real world professional musicians helping people make the music that they relate to, whatever it might be. Our Board are professionals ranging from mental health consultants to committed and experienced social enterprise managers, making sure we retain and deliver the focus on positive social outcomes, helping as many of those who need it as possible.


*Based on a 10 week intervention, Bronze arts award and studio time

10 week intervention
Admin costs, setting up blog etc
Studio costs (5 sessions, 2 hours per session)
Arts Award admin fee dependent on level
Total £1627.50*

Each individual case is different and the best way to make a decision about how Noise Solution can work for your clients is to speak to us, so please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

What we can say is that with 92% of the thirty-eight organisations we have worked with over the past six years re-commissioning us to run subsequent programs, we are pretty confident that we deliver value for money for the vast majority of the people we work with.

Our sessions can pretty much take place anywhere from participant’s houses to schools and recording studios. A normal set of sessions will see us workinin turn allowing us to discharge them from our care.”g for 5 weeks at the participant’s home then 5 weeks in a recording studio local to the participant.

We have a group of very talented, fully vetted tutors who are professional musicians. They are also experienced in working with clients facing all sorts of challenges.

We are currently delivering across the East of England, contact us for details of where you would like us to work.

A social enterprise means that the organisation invests any profits back into the business so we can expand the services we offer.

“We have seen an incredible turn around in many of these service users. Working with Noise Solution is really positive and recovery-focused, and instills real hope in them while helping channel their emotions. Encouraging service users to engage in this way can stop people from spiraling into crisis, while reading their blogs can also help us understand the way they are feeling, in turn helping inform our care plans. In other cases, attending sessions with Noise Solution has helped people to recover faster, in turn allowing us to discharge them from our care.”

Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust
Acute Services Manager

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