We see people not problems

Making music, changing lives

We strive to transform how individuals see themselves and their world, using an evidence-based approach to deliver music mentoring programmes with at risk youth.

By designing our programmes to facilitate key psychological needs identified in Self Determination Theory we create conditions where wellbeing is much more likely to flourish. We aren’t fixing people; we are creating a space for them to fix themselves.

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In terms of interventions, it is probably the best intervention I have encountered. This programme transforms lives.

Understanding why it works

Our ongoing research helps us to understand what works, why it works, how we create programmes specifically designed to create changes and how we measure those changes.

Being transparent about our impact is important to us. You can read more about how we generate statistically significant impacts on the 'How it works' page.

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We're proud to be trusted by

We're pretty proud of our team, and we're glad some other folk agree.